Li Auto surpasses 700,000-unit mark in cumulative vehicle deliveries

March 21, 2024

On the evening of March 19, Li Auto said it had achieved a significant milestone by surpassing 700,000 vehicles of cumulative vehicle deliveries in a span of only 51 months.


On December 14 last year, Li Auto announced that it had completed its 600,000th-vehicle delivery at its Beijing Shunyi delivery center, achieving this milestone within 48 months.


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Li Auto's diverse and innovative lineup has played a crucial role in reaching this new milestone. The lineup includes the Li L7, Li L8, Li L9, and the recently launched Li MEGA, each designed to meet various consumer needs and preferences.


The Li MEGA, which officially hit the market on March 1, is positioned as a flagship family technology MPV. It comes in a single variant, the Li MEGA Max, which includes 100 premium features as standard and has a unified retail price of 559,800 yuan.


The Li MEGA began deliveries on March 11, and in its first full week of deliveries, the volume surpassed a thousand units, as revealed by Li Auto.


The Li L7 has been in delivery since March last year, and as of February this year, it achieved a milestone of surpassing 150,000-unit cumulative deliveries.


The Li L8, released on September 30, 2022, marked its 150,000th-unit delivery in March this year. The model reached its first 100,000-unit deliveries in less than a year, and it took only five months to achieve the subsequent 50,000 units of deliveries.


With this latest achievement, Li Auto highlights the strong product appeal of its Li L series models, as each has surpassed 150,000-unit deliveries, indicating that the Li L9 model has also hit the same delivery milestone.