WeRide to co-develop L4 autonomous driving solution with Lenovo Vehicle Computing

March 21, 2024

On March 19, 2024, autonomous driving solution provider WeRide announced a strategic collaboration with Lenovo Vehicle Computing to co-create an L4 autonomous driving solution.


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Combining WeRide's expertise in autonomous driving technology with Lenovo Vehicle Computing's full-stack intelligent solutions for automobiles, the partnership aims to accelerate the commercialization of autonomous driving across various scenarios, ensuring safer and more reliable autonomous driving services.


As autonomous driving technology matures, specific scenarios such as urban commuting, ports and mines, short-distance shuttles, and industrial parks have become increasingly viable. However, the complexity of system development and the integration of hardware and software pose growing challenges. The evolution of autonomous driving demands higher computing power and superior algorithms. In response, WeRide, an autonomous driving technology company, collaborates with Lenovo, an ICT technology enterprise, and the AI computing leader NVIDIA to empower global smart car customers.


The L4 autonomous driving solution developed through this collaboration leverages Lenovo Vehicle Computing's L4 domain controller and AD1 solution as its foundation. It integrates with WeRide's autonomous driving general technology platform, WeRide One, which features full-stack autonomous driving software algorithms, flexible modular hardware solutions, and a versatile and reliable cloud architecture platform. Based on the NVIDIA Thor X platform, the AD1 controller boasts high-performance computing capabilities, with a single-chip CPU power of up to 630K Specint2K6 and AI computing power of 1,000TOPS@INT8, allowing for flexible allocation of computing power according to different requirements.