DEEPAL unveils G318 rugged new energy off-road SUV

March 20, 2024

On March 18, DEEPAL, Changan Auto's new energy vehicle brand, introduced its latest model, the G318. Positioned as a rugged and technologically advanced SUV, the DEEPAL G318 boasts the latest Super Range Extending technology, featuring a 1.5T range-extended four-wheel-drive system.


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Moreover, the high-end variant of the G318 will possess the ability to perform on-the-spot U-turns.


In terms of aesthetics, the DEEPAL G318 embraces the popular "square box" exterior design, signaling its robust off-road capabilities at first glance. Notably, the vehicle can be equipped with an array of energy projection lights, including two camping lights and two high beams on the roof, enhancing practicality for outdoor adventures while complying with regulations.


Measuring 5,010/1,985/1,960mm in length, width, and height respectively, with a wheelbase of 2,880mm, the DEEPAL G318 ensures ample space for adventure. Its setup of short front and rear overhangs allows for a 27° approach angle, a 31° departure angle, and a longitudinal tilt angle of 27.3°, ensuring excellent performance on typical off-road terrains.


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Inside, the DEEPAL G318 boasts a minimalist design, with abundant use of suede material on the dashboard, door panels, and seats, complemented by contrasting decorative trim for a luxurious feel. Equipped with a full LCD instrument panel, a large central touchscreen, and a three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, the vehicle also retains physical buttons in the central control area, striking a balance between futuristic appeal and practicality.


Under the hood, the G318 adopts Changan's latest Super Range Extending technology based on the Blue Whale engine, featuring a 1.5L range extender capable of converting one liter of fuel into 3.63 kWh of electricity.


It offers two power options, single-motor rear-wheel drive or dual-motor four-wheel drive. The single-motor version delivers a maximum power of 185kW, while the dual-motor version reaches 316kW. In terms of range, the G318 achieves a battery-powered range of 190km under CLTC conditions in urban areas (155km under WLTC conditions).