IM Motors introduces VMC Smart Digital Chassis

March 20, 2024

On March 18, IM Motors, the premium electric vehicle brand co-backed by SAIC Motor, Alibaba Group, and Zhangjiang High-Tech, announced the introduction of a pioneering technology in the automotive industry, the "VMC Smart Digital Chassis." This technology, powered by intelligent algorithms, will be featured in the IM L6 model, which is set to hit the market in May. It marks the L6 as the first intelligent electric vehicle (EV) model to coordinate the vehicle's motion posture through a smart simulation "brain," enhancing safety, agility, and driving pleasure with new capabilities such as "crab walking."


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According to the automaker, the VMC (Vehicle Motion Control) Smart Digital Chassis in the L6 integrates advanced chassis hardware like rear-wheel steering, intelligent electronic dampers, air suspension, and electric drive to manage acceleration, braking, steering, and damping in a unified manner. This results in the coordination of the vehicle's posture in three dimensions (X/Y/Z-axis directions) and six degrees of freedom, breaking conventional physical limits with innovative features like "crab walking."


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Furthermore, the VMC Smart Digital Chassis can connect to sophisticated chassis hardware such as rear-wheel steering systems, intelligent electronic dampers, and closed air suspensions. This connection allows for a more agile driving experience across all scenarios. For instance, by intelligently interpreting the driver's intent and the vehicle's motion state, the VMC technology enables an almost "anti-physics" driving condition with minimal yaw and roll, ensuring perfect stability around corners and enhancing overall safety. Moreover, it promises an ultimate comfortable braking experience, emulating the braking style of experienced drivers for everyday driving.


Powered by the VMC Smart Digital Chassis, IM Motors is also set to offer a superior intelligent driving experience, enabling users to effortlessly handle complex driving scenarios such as close-to-curb driving, narrow road turning, and smart parking.