GAC Trumpchi’s E9 PHEV's welfare edition comes off production line

April 17, 2024


At the GAC TECH DAY held on April 12, the Trumpchi E9 PHEV's Electric Welfare Edition officially rolled off the production line. This model, designed specifically for individuals with special needs, has now officially hit the market, with a price set at 409,800 yuan.


GAC Group said the introduction of the Trumpchi E9 Electric Welfare Edition is not only GAC Trumpchi's active response to China's call for creating a barrier-free environment and fulfilling corporate social responsibility. It is also a robust initiative to provide a comfortable and convenient travel experience for people from all walks of life through technological innovation.


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As a major new product from GAC Trumpchi, the standout feature of the Trumpchi E9 Electric Welfare Edition is the world's first detachable electric welfare seat, which can rotate out of the vehicle and lower its height for easy separation from the structure, transforming into an electric mobility chair. This greatly expands its use scenarios and provides unprecedented travel convenience for people with mobility challenges. The electric welfare seat has a range of 26 kilometers and can be charged inside the vehicle or externally with an external power feature, ensuring continuous and comfortable travel. Additionally, the seat's Mecanum wheels allow it to turn on the spot, enabling flexible movement even in narrow spaces.


All seat functions, such as rotation, elevation, and turning, can be controlled via a 1.54-inch LCD controller or through Bluetooth and a mobile app. Personalized programming modes are also available to set the seat's rotational path, forward/backward movements, backrest angle, and height adjustment to enhance usability.


It is worth noting that the welfare seat is not only functionally robust and easy to operate, but also excels in safety. The electric welfare seat has passed 79 rigorous tests including dynamic collision tests for the seat (frontal/rear impacts) and frontal vehicle crash tests, making it the first factory-installed welfare seat to pass national standards. Additionally, when the vehicle door is closed, the welfare seat can only move forward or backward and retract. In emergency situations where power is unavailable, the seat can be manually retracted. Furthermore, a standard 360-degree airbag matrix across all models provides additional safety for users.


The automaker added the design of the GAC Trumpchi E9 Electric Welfare Edition carefully considers the convenience needs of individuals with special requirements. Whether it is elderly individuals traveling for medical appointments, dining out with family, or maternity centers providing transport services for pregnant women to and from hospitals, the electric welfare seat enhances mobility. It also expands the travel radius for people with disabilities, showcasing a perfect blend of human-centered design and practicality.