Hongqi E-HS9, H9 serve as official vehicles for VOGUE ARABIA in Dubai

February 21, 2024

On the evening of February 15, the glamorous "Ball of Arabia" organized by the renowned fashion magazine VOGUE ARABIA dazzled in Dubai. Serving as the official vehicles were two models from Hongqi, the premium passenger vehicle brand of FAW Group, the E-HS9 and the H9.


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By collaborating with VOGUE ARABIA, Hongqi vividly expressed its luxurious label through a fashionable attitude, allowing users to perceive a more vibrant brand touch. Leveraging VOGUE ARABIA, Hongqi aims to enhance its influence among the high-end market in the Middle East, firmly establishing its luxury image.


The E-HS9 stands as Hongqi's flagship model in the electric SUV market, leading in size among its peers, offering a more spacious interior. With its rich features and cutting-edge intelligent technologies, it provides users with an ultimate driving and riding experience.


Meanwhile, the H9, as the flagship sedan in the C+ luxury segment, embodies Hongqi's latest design concepts and forward-looking technology. Equipped with a leading 3.0L V6 turbocharged engine and high-end rear-wheel-drive layout, it showcases Hongqi’s top-notch standards.


In recent years, to better integrate into the Middle Eastern market and tell its brand's luxury story, Hongqi has been continuously strengthening its brand marketing efforts, experimenting with localized expressions of brand value. This event undoubtedly represents Hongqi's practical steps into the high-end Middle Eastern market through advanced cross-border collaborations.