JAC Group-backed bus maker Ankai ships G9 buses to Saudi Arabia

February 21, 2024

Chinese bus maker Anhui Ankai Automobile Co., Ltd. (Ankai) held a launch ceremony for the mass export of the G9 buses to Saudi Arabia on February 17, 2024, according to a WeChat post by JAC Group.


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The G9 buses, with their vibrant colors and sleek lines, perfectly complement Saudi Arabia's modern streetscape. Featuring large panoramic windows, these buses offer spacious interiors, providing passengers with excellent visibility and ample natural light to enjoy the urban scenery.


Built with a full monocoque body structure and cathodic electrophoretic painting, the G9 buses ensure durability and safety. Their exceptional resistance to corrosion, rust, salt spray, and humid climates makes them well-suited for Saudi Arabia's extreme environmental conditions. Furthermore, Ankai has optimized the reliability, long-term cooling capacity of the air conditioning system, and powertrain the exported G9 vehicles, offering Saudi citizens a superior travel experience.


This export initiative demonstrates Ankai's commitment to expanding its global footprint with advanced technology and products. The batch of the G9 buses will serve as both school buses and public transportation, contributing to the development of a high-quality public transit system in Saudi Arabia.


With over ten thousand vehicles exported to date, Ankai's growth in the Saudi market reaffirms its position as a leading brand for local public transportation vehicles.