NIO, GAC Group team up on battery swap service interconnection

May 9, 2024

On May 8, Chinese electric vehicle maker NIO signed a strategic cooperation agreement with GAC Group on battery swap business.

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The two parties will engage in comprehensive and multi-level strategic cooperation in various areas related to the battery swap industry, including battery standards, R&D and customization of battery-swappable vehicles, battery asset management and operation, and the construction and operation of battery swap service networks. They will also promote interconnection between their respective charging platforms.


According to the agreement, NIO and GAC Group will jointly promote the establishment of a unified battery standard system, collaborate on the development of vehicles compatible with both NIO and GAC Group's systems, and facilitate the market release of vehicles equipped with their unified standardized battery packs.


Additionally, they will push for the deployment of station-side solutions to provide battery swap services for both parties' vehicles. They will also promote interconnection between battery swap operation networks and operators, establish a unified management system, and build a larger-scale and standardized energy infrastructure network.


Regarding charging platform cooperation, they will establish dynamic data sharing between their respective charging facilities. By the end of May, NIO and GAC vehicle users will be able to access functions such as searching, navigation, activation, and payment of charging piles through their respective brands’ mobile apps, mini-programs, and in-car charging maps, making charging more convenient.