Xiaomi EV delivers 7,058 Xiaomi SU7 cars in April

May 6, 2024

Since its first delivery on April 3, Xiaomi EV has completed the delivery of 7,058 Xiaomi SU7 vehicles in April, the smartphone maker-owned EV manufacturer announced via its WeChat account.


By midnight on April 30, the order backlog for the Xiaomi SU7, the first production model under Xiaomi EV, reached 88,063 units, with female buyers accounting for 28%, owners of BBA (BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi) vehicles making up 29%, and Apple users comprising 52.5%.


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Regarding this, Lei Jun, the founder and chairman of Xiaomi, commented on his Weibo account, "We ensure immediate delivery as soon as the Xiaomi SU7 hit the market, and we scale up operations right after delivery." He also mentioned that Xiaomi is ramping up production capacities and accelerating delivery processes to meet the ambitious target of 100,000 units for the year.


Previously, at the Auto China 2024 in Beijing, Lei Jun shared updates on the Xiaomi SU7. He revealed that the standard and Max versions started delivery on April 18, and the Pro version will begin delivery by the end of May, with the model’s monthly deliveries exceeding 10,000 units in June. This year, Xiaomi SU7 will be available in 219 stores across 46 cities, with service centers covering 143 locations in 86 cities.


In terms of intelligent driving, Lei Jun announced the launch plan for urban NOA (Navigate on Autopilot) in cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Xi'an, and Wuhan in May. By August this year, major cities nationwide will have access to urban NOA. Additionally, he disclosed that the active rate of intelligent driving functions among Xiaomi SU7 users is 79%, with a total mileage exceeding 600,000 kilometers.


On the morning of April 29, the 10,000th Xiaomi SU7 vehicle officially rolled off the production line, just 32 days after the model went on sale.