SGWM kicks off presale of Cloud EV model in Indonesia

May 9, 2024

On April 30, 2024, the PERIKLINDO Electric Vehicle Show (“PEVS”) kicked off in Jakarta, where PT SGMW Motor Indonesia unveiled three Wuling-branded new energy vehicle (NEV) models, namely, the Air EV, the Binguo EV, and the Cloud EV.


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At the PEVS, the automaker began the presale of the Cloud EV model with a transaction price of 410 million Indonesian Rupiah (approximately 180,000 Chinese Yuan), inclusive of the government subsidy.

Over the past seven years, SGMW has built a substantial presence in Indonesia, with over 40% of the components sourced locally. Customers who purchase Wuling-branded EVs can receive a 10% VAT subsidy from the government. In the first quarter of 2024, the Wuling brand captured 64% share of the Indonesian electric vehicle market, according to the carmaker.

Addressing the needs of Indonesian consumers, the Cloud EV offers four major presale incentives: a lifetime warranty on the battery, electric motor, and controller; a complimentary 7-kilowatt charging pile; extended free maintenance; and free charging service at charging stations that meet international standards. These benefits are designed to overcome common barriers to adopting NEVs, with the goal of increasing their market penetration in Indonesia.

Starting April 30, the aforesaid three models will be showcased in 116 major shopping centers across Indonesia’s principal cities. One thousand trained sales and service consultants across Wuling's 150 dealerships will provide detailed product demonstrations and encourage test drives, aiming to convert potential interest into confirmed orders. This strategy is expected to lay a solid groundwork for the official market launch in May.