ZEEKR’s fire new ‘crossover SUV’ likely to be named ZEEKR MIX

March 15, 2024

Recently, China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology ("MIIT") unveiled the patent images of a brand-new "crossover SUV" (the carmaker's official term) under Geely's ZEEKR brand. The images hint at a future model potentially named ZEEKR MIX, as indicated by the badge on the vehicle's rear.

latest company news about ZEEKR’s fire new ‘crossover SUV’ likely to be named ZEEKR MIX  0

The patent images showcase a vehicle with a full and rounded design. Notably, the SUV features a simplified front fascia, characterized by a light strip that runs across the vehicle's width and a large black air intake below, adding a rich layer of texture to the front end. A significant highlight is the rooftop-mounted LiDAR, suggesting that the ZEEKR MIX would be equipped with ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) capabilities.


From the side, the SUV adopts a novel door opening mechanism, possibly electronic, presenting a more cohesive appearance compared to traditional hidden door handles. An intriguing detail is the placement of the front seat belts, anchored at the side of the seats rather than extending from the vehicle's B-pillars. Rumors suggest a unique door opening mechanism, possibly indicating a B-pillar-less design, though official confirmation is pending.


Dimension-wise, the SUV measures 4,688mm in length, 1,995mm in width, 1,755mm in height, with a wheelbase of 3,008mm.

latest company news about ZEEKR’s fire new ‘crossover SUV’ likely to be named ZEEKR MIX  1

The rear design of the SUV is simplified, with both the upper and lower sections of the bumper in black and the taillights integrated beneath the rear windshield. This, along with the brake lights likely integrated into the rear bumper, contributes to a cleaner look compared to other new energy vehicles. The recessed middle section of the rear further enhances the visual width of the vehicle.


In terms of power performance, the ZEEKR MIX is powered by an electric motor from Quzhou Jidian Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd., model TZ235XYC01, with a maximum power output of 310 kW.