NaaS, CSCEC Third Bureau team up on EV charging network development

March 13, 2024

On March 11, Newlink NaaS ("NaaS"), a leading figure in China's charging service sector, and China Construction Third Bureau First Engineering Co., Ltd. ("CSCEC Third Bureau") inked a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Wuhan, according to former's press release.


This partnership signifies a deep integration of resources and a comprehensive collaboration in the realms of new energy and infrastructure development. It aims to create a novel partnership model of mutual platforms, mutual clientele, and reciprocal empowerment, collectively advancing the layout and development of new energy charging networks.


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Under the agreement, CSCEC Third Bureau and NaaS will jointly propel the implementation of projects including charging piles, energy storage, and comprehensive energy ports. The alliance is set to actively share resources and expand cooperation in the charging and storage domain, while also exploring deeper forms of collaboration such as joint investment and operations, alongside joint technical R&D and industrialization efforts.


This collaboration coincides with China's national policy directive to accelerate the establishment of a charging infrastructure network system to support the rapid development of new energy vehicles. The construction of new energy infrastructures has become a crucial component of the country's energy transition.


As the market for new energy vehicles rapidly expands, guided by the national policy of "moderately ahead-of-time infrastructure construction," the building of charging infrastructure has emerged as a key focus area for the development of the new energy industry. The strategic cooperation between NaaS and CSCEC Third Bureau is not only a significant step in the strategic layout of both companies, but also a proactive practice in responding to the national new energy strategy and driving industry upgrading. Serving as a "connector" in the new energy field, NaaS' comprehensive cooperation with ecosystem partners, including CSCEC Third Bureau, Geely Auto, CATARC New Energy Vehicle Testing Center, and Foshan Chancheng City Construction Group, plays a pivotal role in rapidly deploying the charging network, meeting the growing market demand, and promoting the high-quality, sustainable development of the new energy vehicle industry.