NIO starts operating first photovoltaic, energy storage, charging, discharging integrated station for expressway

March 20, 2024

NIO announced on March 19 that its first expressway-dedicated station that integrates photovoltaic and energy storage with electric vehicle (EV) charging and discharge, located at the Zhijiang West Service Area on the G50 Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway, has already gone into operation.


The station employs NIO's in-house developed HPC high-power, liquid-cooled, bidirectional power modules, achieving a peak efficiency of 98.2% and a charging and discharging power of 62.5kW. This technology significantly enhances the efficiency of battery charging and discharging at the station, facilitating bidirectional interaction with the power grid.


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NIO said this innovation not only offers battery swapping services to vehicles but also supports the power grid by discharging back to it upon request, thereby enhancing grid stability. It mitigates the challenges posed by the randomness and volatility of local clean energy sources, promoting the orderly consumption of energy.


Beyond its grid-interactive capabilities, the station is integrated with the photovoltaic system of the expressway service area, consuming over 1,300 kWh of green solar energy daily. It features comprehensive post-meter energy management services including dynamic load balancing, capacity augmentation, and internal emergency backup power, providing a variety of service scenarios. This approach not only demonstrates the potential for comprehensive energy stations but also optimizes electricity costs and boosts the operational efficiency of the service area.


The station was co-built by NIO and Hubei Chutian Expressway, aiming to further promote the green transformation of transportation energy in Hubei and enhance the expressway energy replenishment network in the region.


NIO's journey into vehicle-grid integration, highlighted by its active participation in off-peak battery swapping and orderly V2G charging projects, underscores its innovative approach to energy management. In addition to partnering with Hubei Chutian Expressway, NIO signed a strategic cooperation agreement with LONGi Green Energy Technology in January of this year. Together, they aim to promote the use of green, clean solar energy in charging and battery swapping stations, jointly building industry-leading photovoltaic-energy storage-charging-battery swapping integrated stations. Their collaboration also extends to promoting distributed photovoltaics with V2G (vehicle-to-grid) interactions and establishing industry standards for "carbon-neutral travel."